Saturday, June 14, 2008

Self - Introspection before Self Refinement

Introspection is the art of examination or observation with some amount of analysis. With the word self being attached, it becomes all the more prominent that it means self examination. Understanding onself and who as a individual you are.
We speak to all kinds of people that we interface daily. We speak to our family members, we speak to our friends, store keepers, and who not. But in the whole process if you notice we dont speak to one person for years and decades and that it "YOURSELF". In keeping our social poise correct we tend to neglect ourselves. Tell me one thing truely how much do we talk to ourselves, how much do we analyze or how much do we figure out who we actually are and what we actually need. The teachings of being good to society has made us appear in different packages with different outer covering....but we tend to ignore our inner self. Most people either preparing for interviews or any kind of personal examination tend to analyze these but then these are only just for the sake of doing it and thus they do it. During my interactions with different people and candidates I have even noticed that some people even copy others strengths and weaknesses and tell that as theirs in interviews. They might succeed in the interview but how long...How long are we going to continue this process of cheating others or indirectly cheating oneself.
I have met individuals who on being told that they possess some weakness start the refinement process rather than giving it a thought to check if that actually is their weakness. A proper self introspection with enough time spent on oneself would give an individual answers to most questions asked in an interview or for the matter would give an answer to the purpose of life and existence. This would make your goals very very clear and once where you wish to reach is clear, the path becomes all the more prominent. You might then take a longer route but never a wrong one because every decision you would take would either be aligning it to your vision or not.
A company when gets formed decides its vision, mission etc. Similarly every individual needs to decide their own personalized vision and mission and this will become clear only through proper and time tested method which is self introspection. Once this is set the process of self refinement can come into picture and would make life happier and fruitful.
"One should develop worthiness in tune with one’s aspirations. There is a natural law which rewards according to one’s worthiness. Therefore, instead of knocking at other’s door for help and succor, we should not only introspect ourselves but also try to uplift and refine ourselves according to the light given to us during introspection. This is the highway to success in all fields."
Let's take an oath to talk to oneself on a continuous basis and help ourselves to take right decisions in life. You have helped others so many times. Its now time to help yourself.
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Good Luck.


vinay said...

Hmm..Gud work...

People dont get time for self intorpection once they r involved in the flow of life...we use to think about us only once we fail...we think again and more once we fail again...
Similarly if we succeed in first attempt we neglect all our weakness which probably exist but cud not be caught at that judging moment.So, success without failure keep taking us away from ourself everytime....

For freshers,as they have never gone through the criteria based on comm. skill or personality based skill...that is why they r not prepared for this even though they r toppers in other field.

Life is just like a product which has been tested for so many conditions but then you can't say it is bug free.... :)

Dr Rajesh said...

I am 35yrs old, MBA grad, with 9yrs of work exp.I can say with empirical exp. that introspection and feedback are the prime pillars of future success. This is a nice article by Rakesh,i appreciate his thoughts at his age and bless him all success in his future endeavors.

Dr Rajesh(Cyprus-Europe)

yogi said...

Self introspection, is not just a way for career development but also a way to look in to life from a broader perspective. What is your inner strength and what you can achieve in life using that. What is that bring you happiness and what is that you think you should not put your hands into.

Self-introspection creates love for oneself, and helps you appreciate what you are. It creates an energy that boosts you to win this world!

It also helps in clearly defining objectives and opens doors for new and innovative ideas. Helps in self-check and facing bigger challenges in life.

Begin today and you will see magic of being you!