Sunday, June 8, 2008

Soft Skills for IT professionals - What is it? & Why is it required?

Arun - Hey Amit "What happened in the GD? How did it go?"
Amit - I don't know dude...I did not get a chance to speak...I had so much to speak but somehow I could not...
Arun - And what about you Govind?
Govind - I expressed some points but did not get noticed by the Moderator...Lets see what happens
This is what happens in most post discussion talks after GD and Personal Interview. No one is confident of getting through as no one actually knows what is right and what is wrong in GD/PI.
Lets break the mystery and take it one at a time.
Q - Why is soft skill required?
Ans - Most training institutes/experts have un-necessarily hyped the importance of it and teach students starting from English Grammar to what not to students aiming to get into a IT company without even caring to explain them the real need of it. The only soft skill required to crack an IT job is "Effective Communication". The word effective is more than important here. Technology today is based more on collaboration rather than individual contribution. Hence effective communication becomes more than important to express the other person either dependent on your work or otherwise. Let me give you a small example - If you are asked to test a piece of code you must have bare minimum skill to effectively communicate to the developer the bug which you found in the code and how to simulate that. This is just one of the instances where communication comes into picture. So to conclude IT job requires just the basic level of communication which is effective.
Q - Is there a way to improve soft skills?
Ans - To improve any skill be it be technical or soft we need to start from the root. And the root or need for any skill is "attitude". If you have a right attitude any skill can be grasped at fast pace. And mind you even attitude can be groomed and given the right direction. Once the direction is set soft skills can be easily fine tuned as per the needs of the industry.
Q - Is there any fool proof methodology to improve soft skills?
Ans - Yes. But not the way currently institutes or experts are doing it. Soft skill improvement needs to be very very personalized. There is no "One size fits all" strategy in soft skill improvement. Technical knowledge can be gained either by reading a book or solving some problems but soft skill improvement is very different and needs personalized as well as professional approach.
Q - What are stages of an recruitment process where soft skills are required?
Ans - Starting from some written rounds, GD rounds and both Technical and HR interview rounds. Every rounds needs a specialized way of preparation and planning.
This is just few questions which I have tried to answer in a sweet and simple way. For more details please feel free to mail me at or call me at 9886606366 and we can together try and improve your chances of getting through.


vinay said...

Even I dont see any institute which is really focussing on these issues.There are so many institute for technical skills and even english grammer also but I havent came across any one which has some expertise in corporate communication.and I feel that is where our education industry is lacking.
Now,rather than complaining about the lack of employabilty,its time for academia and the industry to work together and find the solution.

Malvika said...

Too good an attempt to create awareness about the importance of soft sills among IT professionals...We see it very often that people who are technically very sound lag behind others coz they are not able to communicate properly and put their ideas forward....this initiative's gonna boost their confidence and help them in the long run

Flying Ace said...

Hey...u get it rite this Time...Hope u continue in the same pace.....Gud Work RC.....!!

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